A Pair for a Cause

Extend the lives of your old sports shoes by donating them to us. Under this new sustainability initiative, they will be repurposed into running tracks and other sports facilities around the island. Drop off your shoes into the cage located at Level 1 of SMU Li Ka Shing Library today.

Total Number of Pairs of Shoes Collected: 742

Cage filled with shoes
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What type(s) of shoes are accepted by A Pair for A Cause

All rubberised footwear without metal parts such as slippers and sandals, sports shoes, school shoes, football boots without metal studs are accepted.

Sus Q2
What condition must my shoe be in before I drop it off?

To avoid contamination from soiled shoes, we encourage shoes to be dry and generally clean (no need to specially wash them) when dropped off.

There is no need to contain your shoes in any way. They can be deposited directly into the cage.

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Where can I drop off my shoes?

You may drop off your shoes into the cage located at Level 1 of SMU Li Ka Shing Library.

See location here

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How can I redeem Fun & Games tokens?

Snap a photo of your shoes (*at our cage poster) before depositing into the cage. Click the button below, follow the steps to upload your photo to redeem tokens for your donation.

Redeem Here

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How many pairs of shoes can I drop off?

There is no limit to the number of pairs of shoes you can drop off. The more shoes you drop off, the more materials we have for recycling.

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Where will the recycled materials be used?

SMU Patron’s Day 2022 A Pair for A Cause sustainability initiative contributes to the ‘Old Shoe New Future’ project by ActiveSG that aims to create a permanent shoe waste collection eco-system which sends shoes to the grinding facility for the conversion of rubberised and elastomeric shoe waste into infrastructure materials for sports facilities such as running tracks, playgrounds and fitness corners, and potential materials fillers or gym mats and protection paddings.

Guess the Number of Pairs

Thank you for participating in 'How many pairs of shoes are there?' The contest has ended and we will choose the winners shortly! ✨ The total number of pairs of shoes is 73 pairs!