First LIVE concert in campus since 2020!

Catch the free VOD playback of our stage performance segment from now till 28 Jan, featuring crowd favourites Benjamin Kheng and Annette Lee and their viral hit, The Cai Fan Song, LIVE. Also catch SMU’s very own talented student clubs as they showcase performances around the concept of elemental harmony! Relive the exciting game show segments where SMU’s own sets of twins and doppelgangers took part. Can you tell them apart?

Show 1

Performances By

Memory Wood - SMU Ivory Keys and SMU Guitarissimo
Blaze vs Flames - SMU Eurhythmix, SMU Caderas Latinas, SMU Funk Movement and SMU Ardiente
Headliner - Annette Lee


Show 2

Performances by

Champions of Earth - SMU Wushu and SMU Taekwondo
Flow of Water - SMU INDANCITY
Sound of Metal - SMU Samba Masala and SMU Stereometa
Headliner - Benjamin Kheng


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Annette Lee

Annette is a creative that works independently to write, direct and act in her own viral video series that are loved by millions of people. She also writes the music for her own music related parody videos such as “The Cai Fan Song”.

As a musician, Annette has released two EPs, “All Our Achilles Heels” in 2017, and “Song For The Underdog” in Aug 2020, which were recorded with Grammy winning producers.

Ben Kheng 1
Benjamin Kheng

Benjamin Kheng is a Singaporean musician, actor, host, and writer. He is known for his debut EP ‘A Sea That Never Stops’ in June 2020 that has garnered over 3 million streams from over 800,000 listeners. Benjamin’s releases have rewarded him with a nomination for MTV EMA’s Best Southeast Asia Act in 2020, representing Singapore in the highly-anticipated annual award show.


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Alastair Ng

Hosting for more than a decade, Alastair has had opportunities to host networking events, panel discussions, launches, celebrations, roadshows and a plethora of other events. He recently pivoted and found a new niche in livestreams, having worked with top e-commerce brands Shopee and Lazada, engaging thousands of viewers with his wit and jokes.

Melissa Yow

Having spent most of her childhood doing theatre, Melissa is no stranger to the stage. With 8 years of hosting experience under her belt, she has done a variety of events from formal luncheons, corporate celebrations, award ceremonies, weddings, and roadshows. She also enjoys sitting down with guests for interviews and when possible, she loves to dabble in radio and voiceovers. Throughout her years in the industry, she’s realised that nothing makes her happier than seeing her audience enjoy the event. As she continues to host events and dabble in other areas of the industry, she’s keen to keep learning and seeking out new experiences.

SMU Groups

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SMU Ardiente

SMU Ardiente is the home of SMU latin dancers. We specialise in 5 types of Latin Ballroom Dance: Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba and Paso Doble. With a mixture of dazzling footwork and sizzling moves, we strive to bring passion to the Latin Ballroom Dance scene by reinventing boundaries and presenting Latin Ballroom in a modern light!

SMU Broadcast and Entertainment

Launched in 2004, SMU Broadcast and Entertainment (SMUBE) has supported a multitude of events from Singapore Street Festival to SMU Patron’s Day, SMU Open House, SMU Academic Year Opening Ceremony (AYOC) and SMU Arts Festival.

SMUBE prides itself in training talented individuals to become outstanding emcees, radio jockeys, videographers, backstage production crew, and marketing executives - all equipped and ready to make your event an outstanding one.

SMU Caderas Latinas

Since its humble beginnings in 2004, SMU Caderas Latinas has grown in both size and reputation to become SMU's premier salsa performance team. As it continually ensures high standards in every performance showcase and production, SMU Caderas Latinas seeks to achieve greater heights on a regional and international level.

SMU Eluminix

SMU Eluminix is the official alumni group of the Hip Hop Dance club, SMU Eurhythmix. Officially established in June 2013 Eluminix is an avenue for our alumni to dance and perform, even as working adults. We hope to inspire younger and older generations alike, that nothing should ever stop you from dancing.

SMU Eurhythmix

SMU Eurhythmix, or affectionately known as EMIX, is SMU’s premier Hip-Hop club. Known for its professionalism, showmanship, and technicality, EMIX’s mission is to “train and provide dancers with opportunities and exposure to hip-hop, to guide them to their maximum potential and inculcate a strong passion for hip-hop”. Beyond quality choreographies, every performance is put up with the aim of resonating with the audience, and bringing across relatable messages with a tint of humour.

SMU Funk Movement

Established in 2013, SMU Funk Movement (SMUFM) is a street style dance club that specialises in funk styles, Popping and Locking. SMUFM believes in grooming its members into a close-knitted community of self-motivated dancers and has about 60 members typically. Members of SMUFM attend regular training and are provided with opportunities to develop their craft through University-wide events, club events, productions and participation in external dance battles.

SMU Guitarissimo

SSMU Guitarissimo is a Niibori guitar ensemble. Established in August 2000, it is proud to be one of the oldest musical groups in SMU. Guitarissimo holds beginner guitar classes to the SMU community every semester. The club also provides its members with a chance to perform and shine, through platforms such as their annual signature production – Strings Blended, as well as their outreach showcases at Library@Esplanade and Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital.


Founded in 2006, SMU INDANCITY is SMU’s official contemporary dance club. Under the guidance of artistic director Hong Guofeng and technique master Andy Benjamin Cai, the club strives to uphold high standards of technique and professionalism. Besides its annual production - BEYOND, SMU INDANCITY is also regularly involved in school performances and holds classes for the public to encourage appreciation of the contemporary art form. Most recently, INDANCITY held its internal showcase, NUANCE, where dancers were given the opportunity to direct and choreograph their own dance film.

Ivory Keys
SMU Ivory Keys

SMU Ivory Keys is SMU’s very own piano ensemble club that unites students from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for music, regardless of genre. We play solos, accompaniment, 4-hand duets, trios, concertos and many more! SMU Ivory Keys aims to provide its members with a platform to refine their skills, enhance their showmanship and promote a greater appreciation for piano music within the SMU community.

SMU Samba Masala

Even since its inception in 2004, SMU’s resident Afro-Brazilian percussion bands has taken on both local and international stages, wowing audiences to establish itself as an esteemed batucada. Be it pulsating rhythms or smooth Latin grooves, Samba Masala’s distinctive nature of fusion Asian/Brazilian percussion promises inimitable music, unparalleled style and sheer showmanship.

SMU Stereometa

The mission of the club is to promote electronic music and encourage the growth of the tertiary DJ scene in Singapore, through imparting DJ skills to our members and fostering a community of like-minded electronic music lovers in SMU.

SMU Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art meant to trin not only the body, but the mind. One will learn more than just kicks and punches, and will learn to embody the 5 tenets of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable Spirit throughout one’s time at Taekwondo. In SMUTKD, we aim to train hard, strive for excellence and embrace a strong family culture so as to represent ourselves and SMU with pride.

SMU Wushu

Founded in 2009, SMU Wushu serves to create a platform for wushu enthusiasts to come together to train and share knowledge by combining flexibility with strength and speed with flawless techniques. As a team, we come together to showcase our prowess. SMU Wushu places great emphasis on team spirit, making lifelong friendships beyond competitions and performances.