About SMU Patron's Day

PD22: Celebrate Balance

SMU commemorates our 22nd anniversary on Patron’s Day (PD), with the theme PD22 Celebrate Balance!

In numerology, 22 is a symmetrical number that symbolises balance and harmony. This Patron’s Day, as we celebrate turning 22, we want to call on all to Celebrate Balance. To always stay on track and travel the long distance by learning when to pause, find our centre, and recalibrate our priorities. To remain level-headed, and never let success go to our heads, or let failure go to our hearts. To be kind to yourselves and balance hard work with even harder self-care. And to extend the same kindness to the community by always driving business with integrity, and success with charity.

We invite all members of the public to celebrate SMU Patron's Day with us. Mark these dates on your calendars to enjoy this exciting range of online, on campus and hybrid festivities free of charge!

PD Table



Message from SMU Chairman

Mr Ho Kwon Ping



Message from SMU President

Professor Lily Kong