Social Media and #Photobalance Contest

Pair Up and Snap a Pic #Photobalance to Win Prizes

SMU Patron’s Day Presents #Photobalance Contest

“Celebrate Balance” is an installation created for PD22. It represents the interplay of different commitments facing today’s youth, and how they can balance and work to suit their best interests.

The open book represents a thirst for knowledge. Its empty pages symbolise the autonomy that every youth should enjoy in seeking education opportunities in fields of their choice.

The seesaw represents the importance of allocating time to leisure and the outdoors. Its slant on one end represents constant motion, and opportunity that awaits at every upswing (or downswing).

The 3 different shapes represent how education landscapes have evolved to have the strength and rigour to cater to, and produce youth with a variety of skills, competencies and talent, to serve and benefit every sector of our industry.

And of course, SMOO SMOO is our SMU Mascot, created for Patron’s Day in 2014.

Branded with the words “PD22” and “Celebrate Balance”, the above ideals are SMU’s own birthday wish for our students -- past, present and future.

From 21 to 28 Jan, join PD22’s #Photobalance contest when you pair up with a friend and snap a photo in front of “Celebrate Balance" at SMU Connexion Level 1, and both of you stand to win a Rejuvenate drink sachet from Unique Time worth $29.90, a discount voucher for your next haircut with top stylists from Toni & Guy worth $48, and a month’s free access to Kpop X Fitness online workout worth $50 each.

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How & Where to Join?

This contest will take place on SMU PD’s Instagram. Contest participants will be required to:

1. Take a photo with the installation - two persons must be in the photo.
2. Strike a pose that is related to symmetry/balance.
3. Share the photo to your Instagram Feed or Instagram Story.
4. Tag us at @smupatronsday with the hashtag #smuphotobalance.

The contest will run from 21 to 28 Jan.

Submission period: 21st to 27th Jan 0000hrs - 2359hrs, 28 Jan 0000hrs - 1800hrs (only same-day entries are eligible)

Friendly tip!

Take a series of 8 photos at the installation today, and submit 1 each day during the contest period from 21-28 Jan to maximise your chances of winning!

Judging Criteria & Prizes
Judging Criteria & Prizes

1.    To be eligible for the daily prizes, entries must be submitted between 0000hrs and 2359hrs each day from 21 Jan to 27 Jan, and 0000hrs and 1800hrs for 28 Jan. Winners will be selected via lucky draw, and announced the following morning via DM and Instagram Story. The winner for 28 Jan will be announced at 2000hrs.
2.    There is no limit to the number of entries each person can submit, but the same photo can only be submitted once for the full length of the contest.
3.    Entries with objectionable content will not be eligible for the daily draw.
4.    Each winning entry will receive 2 identical sets of prizes, one for each of the 2 persons featured in the photo.

Terms & Conditions

1. This contest is open to any member of the public residing in Singapore.

2. Contestants must be physically present in SMU to take the photos. Photoshopped entries are not allowed.

3. The organisers have the right to remove any photo deemed by us to contain objectionable poses or intent or connotation.

4. Participants can be unmasked momentarily for this photo.

5. In accordance with prevailing safe distancing measures, photographers are required to be 1m apart from the talents, and masked at all times.

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