PD Pasar

PD Pasar is a preloved emporium of donated items of good condition donated by the SMU community. It debuted in 2020 and raised substantial funds for SMU bursaries. Once again in 2021, your sustainable purchases will assist in providing support to financially challenged SMU students, in our efforts to make education accessible to all students.

Turning 21 is an important life milestone, encompassing transition and renewal. Aligned with this coming of age, this year’s PD Pasar  - GIVE IT ANOTHER GLOW - will sell pre-loved products split into 3 zones: Adulting, Make it Work From Home, and Brighten Up Your Space. To browse all our items, you can shop on our website or visit our physical shop at The Alcove, located at Basement 1 of SMU’s School of Information Systems, from [DATE, 11am-5pm daily] for the full experience! If you find something worth bringing home, contact us on Telegram @giveitanotherglow, and we will follow up with payment and collection details.

Drop us a message on Telegram if you have any questions!