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WaddleDoodles was started by Nicole, a current Year 2 Business student. She initially created an Instagram account to post her doodles. Slowly, it gained more attention and supporters soon asked for merchandise such as stickers and keychains. Her artworks feature cute angsty animals, with Angsty Duckie as the main character.

WaddleDoodles has worked with FRANK by OCBC in their Dream Makers campaign and has also been a part of NTU’s Art Festival and SMU Patron’s Day in 2021.

Meet them at The Alcove on
10 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
12 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
14 Jan, 3pm - 5pm

Maker's Products

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Sticker Sheets

The sticker sheet is of high quality vinyl material in matte. It is waterproof, scratch-resistant and is suitable for outdoor uses.


- Halloween (11 stickers)
- Teru Teru Bōzu (16 stickers)
- Autumn (16 stickers)
- Labels (21 stickers)
- Froggo Creamery (15 stickers)
- BearBear Bakery (13 stickers)

Angsty Duckie Keychain

The keychain charm is acrylic and attached to a D-clasp keyring. Please remember to peel off the protective film on both sides of the keychain.

Charm fits 5cm x 5cm canvas.

Handmade Beaded Necklace

Features a double-sided epoxy glitter charm, about 40-42cm excluding the length of necklace extension attached.

- Piggy Duckie
- Baseball BearBear
- Strawberry Duckie
- Froggo Pengu