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Sonya started thecosyspot as a side hustle after her A Levels, as her mum had cancer and she wanted to find a way to support herself in university as well as bond with her mum while she stayed home to recuperate.  

She sells scrunchies, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, handsewn masks and many more! All items are handmade and planned by her! She does customisations as well; all you have to do is hit up @thecosyspot on IG!

There will be tons of discounts and free gifts at PD22 so do come down and be surprised!

Meet them at The Alcove on
14 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
21 Jan, 4pm - 9pm
28 Jan, 3pm - 5pm


PD Special

Bundling up your colorful essentials with tie dye socks from colordippin & scrunchies from thecosyspot!

Bundle pricing:

1 pair of short socks 1 scrunchie $7.90
1 pair of long socks 1 scrunchie $8.90

Maker's Products

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Super adorable scrunchies to tie your hair! Not only are these suitable for every occasion, they hold up your hair well without damaging it!


Necklaces for every occasion, and super elegant when layered! 


Handsewn reusable cloth masks! They are double layered with an inner anti-bacterial layer as well as adjustable straps! These designs are super unique, and compliment every outfit!