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SMU Literati

SMU Literati

SMU Literati

Formed by students with a common love for literature, SMU Literati promotes the expression of literature, in written and spoken form amongst the SMU students. For the 3rd year running, SMU Literati will be writing exquisite and delicately-crafted typewritten wax-sealed poems for you or your loved ones, specially packaged in recycled materials for environmental sustainability.

Students can personalise their poems, through their own selected prompts or themes to our talented poets, who will carefully and passionately craft your one-of-a-kind poem. These poems will be sealed in a wax-stamped envelope, presented together with beautifully hand-picked flowers.

What are you waiting for? From a low price of $5, fill in our form below and our dedicated poets will get back to you as soon as possible!

Closing Date of Order Placement:

Valentine’s Sets I & II
Cease Order: 6th Feb
Collection Date: 10th Feb

Typewritten Wax Sealed Poem + PD21 Special
Cease Order: 10th Feb
Collection Date: 17th Feb


PD2021 $21 Bundle

For our PD21 Special, we have partnered with Sing Lit Station to bring to you a handcrafted typewritten wax-sealed poem which comes with an exclusive mystery Singaporean Literature (Sing Lit) Book, chosen just for you.

Cease Order: 10th Feb
Collection Date: 17th Feb

• Provide our poets with 1 to 3 prompts and we’ll write you a poem OR
• Submit your own poem to be typewritten
• Your poem will come with a mystery Sing Lit Book

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Maker's Products

Typewritten Wax-sealed Poem
Valentine’s Day Set I
Valentine’s Day Set II