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Jo&Stitch was started in 2021 by a mother-daughter duo that combines their shared hobbies in sewing and baking. Amongst their baked good offerings, their bite-sized mini chocolate chip cookies are their best seller. Their handsewn bags and pouches incorporate recycled fabrics from old clothing and can be customised to customers’ preferences.

For cookies order, order directly via our website.

For bags/pouches order, view available instocks item on our website and order via Instagram DM. 

Drop us a DM on our Instagram page for further enquiries/custom order/bulk orders

Meet them at The Alcove on
12 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
14 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
19 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
21 Jan, 4pm - 8pm
28 Jan, 3pm - 5pm

$22 Bundle

Haru Wrist Bag X Karyn Mini Drawstring Pouch X Chocolate Chip Cookies Bundle (PD Special)

This bundle for $22 (U.P. $25.50)  offers a total of 3 different products, which is great as a gift for others and oneself.


- 1x Haru Wrist Bag (made from recycled materials)
- 1x Karyn Mini Drawstring Pouch (made from recycled materials)
- 1x Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies


Maker's Products

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Fayth Camera Bag

Fayth Camera Bag was initially designed to hold film cameras and has a slight padded lining for extra protection. It is our best seller due to its unique size and practically for daily purposes.  

- Dimensions: 14cm (length) x 7cm (width) x 8cm (height) x 6cm (handle length)
- Dimensions can differ if customised
- $18

DM @joandstitch on Instagram to order!

Julia Tissue Pouch

The Julia Tissue Pouch is made using two different fabrics to store tissue packages. It also comes with a zipper pouch at the back to keep other items, such as loose change or hand sanitiser. 

It can be ordered as a set of 2, where both tissue pouches will have the same fabric design, but in alternating panels

- Dimensions: 13cm (length) x 10cm (height)
- 1 for $8.50
- 2 for $16 (Mix & Match)

DM @joandstitch on Instagram to order!

Haru Wrist Bag

Haru Wrist Bag is double-lined and comes with a long handle that is slot through the shorter handle for easy carrying on daily errands 
- Dimensions: 25cm (length) x 6cm (width) x 24cm (height) 
- Non-reversible: $10
- Reversible: $15

DM @joandstitch on Instagram to order!

Karyn Mini Drawstring Pouch

Karyn Mini Drawstring Pouch is made using 3 different fabrics – the top panel, the main panel, and the base panel. Hence, each pouch is unique.

DM @joandstitch on Instagram to order!