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Founded in 2021, Flowerboy creates floral bouquets, as well as lasting flower products by incorporating resin and real flowers to create items such as rings and coasters. The maker, AJ who is a year 3 SMU Undergraduate in School of Business, discovered his passion for flower arrangement in a rose garden from his hometown in Thailand. For PD22, AJ will be offering customisable calligraphy on products like coasters, so you can add your personal touch.

Meet them at The Alcove on
12 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
14 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
21 Jan, 4pm - 9pm
28 Jan, 3pm - 5pm

Maker's Products

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Fresh Flower Bouquets

There is no better way to say “I’m thinking of you” than to give a bouquet of tulips to your friend or loved ones. When the occasion is extra special, our signature Flowerboy bouquet - Blue Moon is a dazzling gift that will make them beam brighter than a full moon.

Bespoke design with minimum budget of $65 onwards.

Other variation Bouquets are available too! Just drop us a DM

Pre-order 3-5 days in advance

Dried Flower Bouquet

Who says Flowers can't last forever? Get a petite bouquet of Forever Bloom for your special ones now!

Statice bouquets ($15) 
Meaning: Success and nostalgic memories
Occasions: Graduation ceremony and birthday. 

Baby's breath bouquets ($15)
Meaning: Sincerity, innocence and purity
Occasion: Birthdays

Forever Bloom Coasters

Flower coasters are resin-made coasters with dried flowers inside 

Price: each at $17, buy 2 get each for $15!

Forever Bloom Pop Socket

Forever bloom Pop Sockets are resin-made Pop Sockets with dried flowers inside

Price: each for $15, buy 3 get each for $12!