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Just 2 Booch brewing Buds setting out to win the hearts of everyone one booch at a time. 

Booch (kombucha) is a fermented, lightly effervescent, sweetened black tea that is consumed for its probiotic health benefits. Brewed and fermented at one of SMU’s food gems Onalu, its tasting profile ranges from fruity, floral to even spicy depending on the flavours added.

Meet them at The Alcove on
21 Jan, 4pm - 9pm

PD Special

Celebrate SMU’s 22nd birthday with Booch Buds' special SMU Patron’s Day bundle, and savour ALL 5 flavours at 22% off! 

- 5 x 250ML
- Strictly 1 flavour each (i.e. 1 OG, 1 BLM, 1 PFM, 1 HLG, 1 KGM)
- No swapping of flavours
- Original price: $34
- Special price: $26.50 (22% discount)

Maker's Products

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Original Kombucha (OG)

As basic as you can get, this original flavoured kombucha (along with the other flavoured kombucha) is a Black Tea (Ceylon) based concoction that is fermented with tender loving care.

Blueberry Lavender Mint Kombucha & Passionfruit Mint Kombucha (PFM)

Blueberry Lavender Mint Kombucha (BLM): The Blueberry Lavender Mint Kombucha gives that tinge of sweetness and acidity, allowing for that quick boost to kickstart your day.

Passionfruit Mint Kombucha (PFM): The Passionfruit Mint Kombucha is a feisty one. With fruity and acidic notes, this flavour is a real treat on the palette, tantalising your tastebuds one sip at a time.

Honey Lemon Ginger Kombucha (HLG) & Kyoho Grape Mint Kombucha (KGM)

Honey Lemon Ginger Kombucha (HLG): The Honey Lemon Ginger Kombucha is a sweet lil bugger, infusing subtle ginger and lemon notes that blends extremely well with our al' naturaaaaal honey.

Kyoho Grape Mint Kombucha (KGM): Soothe your mind with Kyoho Grape Mint (KGM) Kombucha. Finishing with a light and candied aftertaste, it’ll be sure to bring out your inner zen and make your gut go “om…”