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Bakery Ibunda

Bakery Ibunda

Our brand started by helping our moms set up an online presence to support their baking and cooking hobby. With the Chinese New Year coming up, we are looking to expand beyond food products and move into CNY tees and other merchandise like canvas bags and cup carriers. Our products are designed in-house and are uniquely Singaporean. 

PD2021 $21 Bundle

Get our best sellers in this year’s Patron Day bundle specially curated for Patron Day 2021! 

Our cheesy pineapple tart is coated with a golden glaze, topped with a crispy cheese layer for extra satisfaction. Enjoy this together with our pukis pancake which is an Indonesian traditional cake enjoyed daily by all Indonesians.  

Soft cheese cookies covered with palm sugar. Intensely addicting!

Bring along our pineapple tart friends with you on your Chinese New Year visits with our durable cotton canvas that fits all ang-pows and cny goodies from your relatives!

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Cheesy Pineapple Tart
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