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Baker's Luv

Baker’s Luv, a returning maker from PD20, began in 2012 and opened her official bakery at The Promenade, Jalan Pelikat in 2018.

Through the passion of baking, Baker’s Luv has expanded, developed and reached out to more customers over the years.  They are continuously innovating and experimenting in new flavours, designs and ideas. Fulfilling customers’ wishes is their main priority and they look forward to satisfy your cake craving always.

Baker’s Luv believes in using only premium quality ingredients in all of their bakes.

Meet them at The Alcove on
10 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
12 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
17 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
19 Jan, 3pm - 5pm
21 Jan, 4pm - 9pm
28 Jan, 3pm - 5pm

Maker's Products

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Horseshoe Rolls

Horseshoe shaped flavoured cake bases with various filling

Cake filling:

- Nutella
- Biscoff

Cake base flavours: 

Original (Vanilla)
- Peppermint
- Citrus
- Coffee
- Oreo
- Speculoos

DM @bakers_luv on Instagram or Whatsapp 98489058 to order!


Belgian Chocolate Chip Cookies:
- The classic all-time favourite chocolate chip cookies made with premium chocolate.

Pecan Butterscotch Cookies
- Bite sized cookies mixed with pecan bits and butterscotch chips

DM @bakers_luv on Instagram or Whatsapp 98489058 to order!

Nutella Cookie Crunch

Bite sized cookies with Nutella filling in the middle and surrounded by cornflake crunch.

DM @bakers_luv on Instagram or Whatsapp 98489058 to order!

Peanut Butter Crunch

Cornflakes in a sea of peanut butter and caramel

DM @bakers_luv on Instagram or Whatsapp 98489058 to order!