#GlowedUp Challenge

#GlowedUp Challenge invites you to take a walk down memory lane. Upload a photo collage showing yourself (or your family, friend, your house. Or your pet!) 21 years apart. Include a short caption on how the subject has glowed up over time.

Your submission will appear below for all to vote. We are looking for 20 submissions with the most votes. These winners will win attractive prizes, of up to $270 each! On top of that, 1 lucky voter of each of the 20 winning entries will also stand a chance to win himself/ herself a handsome prize!”

What do you have to do?

1. Click Submit Your Entry below to upload a 21 year before and after comparison picture of any individual/place/object.

2. Write a short caption on how the person/the object/the place has glowed up!

The competition’s end date is 10 February 2021, 2359hrs (GMT+8).
*Only applicable to those with a valid Singapore mailing address.

Winners will be determined by voting on this website. So get your friends to come on this site to vote for your entry! The top 20 submissions with the most votes will be the winners of this contest.

There will be 20 winning submissions. Top 3 winners will win prizes worth $271 each, while the remaining entries in Top 20 will win prizes worth $108 each.

For each winning entry, there will be 1 voter who will also walk away with a prize worth $26 each.

So, there will be 20 lucky voters for the 20 winning entries! Vote away!

Prizes will be delivered to the winners. Prize collection in school may be available to the SMU Community only, which includes staff, faculty and undergraduates.

The contest has ended as of 11 Feb 0000hrs (GMT+8). 

Winners Announcement

1st - Entry 6

1st - Entry 6

2nd - Entry 34

2nd - Entry 34

3rd - Entry 13

3rd - Entry 13

Submitted Entries

Clement Sim
Entry 1
Vanessa Heng
Entry 2
Lim Jie Min
Entry 3
Noorsyahidah Jumat
Entry 4
Jasmine Tan
Entry 5
Kendra Gadong
Entry 6
Wang Hui Zhi
Entry 7
Marie Goh
Entry 8
Vishakha Choudhary
Entry 9
Phan Gia Phuong
Entry 10
Entry 11
Sharon Lee (REAL)
Entry 12
Entry 13
Entry 14
Entry 15
Entry 16
Entry 17
kuan hwa
Entry 18
AJ Chonmabhum
Entry 19
Chen Hsuan Ju (Angela)
Entry 20
Entry 21
Entry 22
Purvi Jagnani
Entry 23
Chen Hsuan Ju
Entry 24
Entry 25
Wong Jiong Yu
Entry 26
Valliappan Arunachalam
Entry 27
Dhwani Shah
Entry 28
Chua Xin Ni
Entry 29
Entry 30
Chan Hoi Yan
Entry 31
Kennis Tan Peck Kee
Entry 32
Joey Teo
Entry 33
Carissa Leong
Entry 34
Charis Koh
Entry 35