Big Books Instagram Photo Contest

Celebrate a bigger and brighter Patron's Day with Big Books! Check out the walls of Li Ka Shing Library featuring a curated list of books written by SMU Faculty, lit up specially for 21 nights. As we celebrate SMU's glowing of age, let us rejoice at the wealth of knowledge glowing from within SMU!

Visit Big Books now and stand a chance to win mystery prizes! First 40 posts to win!!

What do you have to do?

1. Take a photo of, or with Big Books

2. Tag us @smupatronsday and hashtag #smupd

3. Share the photo to your Instagram Feed

*Only applicable to those with a valid Singapore mailing address.

**In line with stringent safe distancing measures, please adhere to the following group photography guidelines:
Max 8 people per group in the photo and refrain from engaging in physical contact. Please observe social distancing of 2m apart if unmasked momentarily for this photo; 1m apart if masked. 

The contest has ended as of 11 Feb 0000hrs (GMT+8). Please check back to find out the winning entry!

Submitted Entries